Six Benefits of Rain Barrels in Pensacola, FL

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During the summer, your water bill likely increases as you fill pools and water lawns. There is a better alternative that makes good use of our Florida rainstorms. Adding rain barrels in Pensacola, FL for water collection offers cost-saving advantages and more for your lawn and gardening efforts. Here are six benefits of installing rain barrels this year:

  • Save money: Many customers add rain barrels because they already use city water and sewage for pools, hot tubs and daily household use. Constant use adds up quickly, and rainwater can reduce those expenses. It is estimated that garden and yard watering accounts for 40 percent of residential water use. Using a rain barrel system decreases your use by approximately 1,300 gallons per week, and that reduction will show in your utility statements.
  • Better for living things: Plants thrive on rainwater because of its high oxygen content. Salts and fluorides present in municipal water accumulate in your soil, causing difficulty in plant roots in the future. Even if you must supplement your watering efforts with city water, the rainwater helps dilute the effects of fluoride and salt. You can also provide chemical-free water in your birdbaths or your pets’ water dishes.
  • Improve land stewardship: Runoff moves fertilizers, pesticides and other contaminants into the landscape. Lakes accumulate algae growth from runoff, and that alters fish habitat and recreational activities. The downspout and rain barrel system manages runoff so it does not harm the surrounding land. If you are trying to maintain terraced garden designs or live on a slope, rain barrels also reduce erosion that could wear away at your landscaping efforts.
  • Preserve your home: Downspouts work well to divert water away from your foundation. In Florida, it is easy to develop wet rot or mold problems due to the humid climate. Controlling water is a big step in preventing these issues. Water accumulation at your foundation can deteriorate it and lead to expensive repairs. Your downspouts work well in preventing this damage, but when you add rain barrels, the risk minimizes significantly.
  • Drought preparation: There are new climate patterns that may cause droughts even where they have been rare in the past. This is a risk in Florida just as it is anywhere else. When you collect rainwater, you gain an advantage in case of drought. You have a water source for your yard and to wash pets and cars. This allows you to keep rationed city water to essential household uses while you use rainwater to maintain your outdoor environment.
  • Compost management: Tap water affects compost the same way it does soil. The additives in city water build up, and eventually, your compost is less effective. When you use rainwater instead, you create excellent compost that will support the development of your food and decorative plants. While this is a minor portion of your tap water usage, every bit helps if you wish to save water for ecological or financial reasons.

Gutter Master builds systems of downspouts and rain barrels in Pensacola, FL so you can enjoy the benefits of using rainwater. Call us today to get started.

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