The Importance of Choosing Stainless Steel Screws During Gutter Installation in Pensacola, FL

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As winter gets underway, you are probably more aware than ever of just how important your gutters are. Gutters divert water from your roof and the sides of your home and channel it through a downspout to be collected or dispersed on the ground. Without gutters, your home’s roof, windows, foundation and siding would be far more susceptible to water damage, and they might even have a shorter lifespan.

Gutters save you the cost of frequent repairs and replacements of essential home components, so it’s important that you invest some time and energy into keeping them in good shape. Part of ensuring that your gutters are effective is getting quality installation services. Sometimes, it’s the small details of gutter installation in Pensacola, FL that can have the biggest impact on how effective your gutters are and how they hold up over the long term. When it comes to gutters, the screws that you use to fasten them can actually make a big difference.

Zinc-plated vs. stainless steel gutter screws

Many people choose to install their gutters with zinc-plated screws. At first, you might not notice much of a difference between these screws and stainless steel screws. Unfortunately, this similarity doesn’t usually last for long. After being exposed to the elements, the condition of zinc-plated screws will begin to deteriorate. Oxidation from sun exposure will damage the zinc plating, and rain and water will cause the underlying steel to rust.

This rusting creates a visual eyesore, but it also causes your gutters to be much less secure. Depending on the quality of the zinc screws that you buy, this rusting could happen in as little as a year or over the course of several months. Even if you spend a little bit less on these screws than you would on stainless steel, you will have to replace them much sooner, which can cause you to spend more in the long run.

Stainless steel screws are created with longevity and resilience in mind, so they stand up to the elements much better than zinc-plated screws do. They are designed to be resistant to oxidation, deterioration, corrosion, staining and rust. Once you install stainless steel screws in your gutters, you can rest assured that you shouldn’t have to worry about replacement for years. This increases the overall structural integrity of your gutters, and it also contributes to aesthetic appeal. You can even have stainless steel screws painted to match your gutter for an even more attractive appearance.

Call for gutter installation in Pensacola, FL

At Gutter Master, we understand the importance of quality when it comes to installation materials and services. That’s why we use stainless steel screws when performing gutter installation in Pensacola, FL. We will install your gutters and then paint your screws to match so you can enjoy gutters that look fantastic and work effectively. We have decades of experience offering comprehensive gutter services that range from simple cleanings to complete replacements. Give us a call to tell us more about your specific needs—we would be happy to work with you!

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