What You Need to Know About Gutter Guard Installation in Pensacola, FL

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If you’ve ever had to clean out your home’s gutters, you know that it can be a strenuous and frustrating process. You have to pull out a ladder and move along the edge of your roof to scoop leaves and debris out of your gutters—sometimes in unfavorable weather conditions. You may have thought about finding a way to streamline this annoying chore, and with gutter guards, you can do just that.

Gutter guards are installed in your gutter to prevent the accumulation of debris that has to be cleaned out periodically. Even though gutter guard installation in Pensacola, FL does come with an initial investment, it is an investment that can save you serious time and energy if you clean your own gutters, and one that can save you money if you hire a professional for gutter maintenance. In order to get the most out of your new gutter guards, you should find out more about how they work and the different designs that you can choose from.

Benefits of gutter guards

The most significant benefit of having gutter guards installed is the convenience that they offer. Because of how difficult it can be to clean out your own gutters, many homeowners neglect this task, which leads to an overaccumulation of debris. All of this debris can lead to some major problems with your gutters and with your home in general. Gutter guards come in many different forms, but they are all basically a grate or filter that sits on your gutters to allow water to flow through while trapping larger debris on the outside.

Here’s a quick look at four of the most popular types of gutter guards:

  • Foam: Foam gutter guards are a very inexpensive option that are easy to install on your own. They can help block some debris from your gutters, but they aren’t always the best at doing so. They can accumulate debris on top of the foam, and they ultimately may not be as effective as some other options that are available.
  • Brush: You may be familiar with brush gutter guards—they appear like bristles that stick out of your gutters. They can be installed easily, since they simply have to be placed into your gutters, and they are designed to prevent leaves and larger debris from accumulating.
  • Micro mesh: Micro mesh allows water to pass through while catching large debris in a grate-type material that is usually made from stainless steel. These gutter guards can be a bit pricier than other options, but they are also a very effective choice.
  • Surface tension: Surface tension gutter guards, also known as reverse curve gutter guards, are placed over your gutters to create a smaller opening in them. They have to be professionally installed, so you will likely spend more on installation than on other options that are more DIY-friendly.

Call for gutter guard installation in Pensacola, FL

When you get installation service from Gutter Master, you can rest assured that you are getting quality gutter guards that will last you for years to come. We have decades of experience in the industry, and we continue to provide our community with services that allow homeowners to enjoy gutters that work well and look great. Regardless of the specific services you are looking for, we’d be happy to help you. Just give us a call today for more information!

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