What Is the Importance of Having a Downspout for My Gutters?

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It is well known that in order to keep your home properly sheltered from the dangers and issues caused by water damage, you will need a reliable gutter system in place. What isn’t as well known is that a downspout in Pensacola, FL is an integral part of a complete gutter system, as it is responsible for carrying the traveling water away from your home. To truly understand the importance of a downspout as a component of your gutter system, let’s take a closer look at its function, and how it plays a role in keeping your home protected.

What is a downspout?

A downspout is a channel or piece of piping that is connected to your gutter, and is typically placed near a corner of your home, although the specific layout of your house will determine the most effective design. The downspout is attached to a connecting piece that is placed in a hole in the bottom of the gutter and sealed. This sealing is important, because it is what prevents the water from traveling downwards through any route other than the downspout.

Most downspouts are strategically curved at the bottom in order to disperse the water effectively. With the addition of splash guards, the water can be distributed evenly to help prevent erosion. If the soil near your home doesn’t allow the water to flow properly, a trench can be dug near the downspout, and a flexible piece of piping can be added to encourage the movement of water away from your home.

Downspout designs

You might have heard other homeowners express that the reason they don’t use downspouts on their gutter system is because their presence can detract from the appearance of their home. Fortunately, downspouts can be tailored to match the design of the rest of your home and gutter system, with some of the more common materials being aluminum, galvanized stainless steel and copper.

In fact, there are so many potential design combinations available through differing materials and styles that your downspouts and gutter system can actually be a featured, ornamental part of your home’s exterior. If you prefer a simpler option, you can stick with the basic downspout design that uses a rounded or square shape, which has the added benefit of being able to transport a larger mass of water.

No matter what type of design fits your home best, a downspout is one of the most important pieces of your gutter system’s infrastructure. To add a downspout in Pensacola, FL to your gutters so that you can avoid all of the troubles that excess water can bring into your home, give us a call at Gutter Master. Our team has over 25 years of experience with gutter services of all kinds, so whether you need someone to clean out your gutters or keep them from getting clogged in the first place, give us a call to schedule a consultation so we can help to make sure that rainwater doesn’t become a problem for you ever again.

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