How to Use the Rainwater You Collect in a Rain Barrel in Pensacola, FL

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You may have heard about the many benefits of using a rain barrel in Pensacola, FL at your home. But once you’ve collected water inside that barrel, how exactly should you use it? Here are just a few ideas we highly recommend trying:

  • Gardening: Rainwater is the best source of water to help your plants grow, because it does not contain any of the extra additives and chemicals found in municipal tap water and is also highly oxidized. Therefore, make good use of your collected rainwater to water your gardens, potted plants and lawn during the summer months, especially if you’re going through a dry season and don’t want to use too much tap water.
  • Wildlife and livestock: Use recycled rainwater for animals! At a house, you could consider using it for birdbaths or other specially designed water features that animals come and visit. If you have a farm, you can put it in troughs for livestock to drink from, or use it to bathe your animals.
  • Water features and ponds: If you have any water features or fountains on your property or wish to create a decorative pond on your land, you can collect rainwater to use for those purposes. This will help you avoid wasting tap water to provide the water supply these decorative features need.
  • Flushing toilets: Did you know that toilets account for about 27 percent of the water used in your home? You can use collected rainwater instead by dumping a bucket of it into the toilet tank when you’re ready to flush. You can turn off the water to the tank, and just replenish the tank with rainwater when you flush.
  • Drinking and cooking: Yes, you can actually use rainwater for drinking or cooking, so long as you make it safe by running it through a filtration system, distilling it or boiling it first. There are also other types of systems that will directly collect clean rainwater for you to use for drinking immediately.
  • Bathing and laundry: Bathing and laundry account for about 40 percent of all water use in the United States. If you use rainwater for these practices, you could potentially significantly reduce your water usage, especially in areas that get a lot of rainfall each year (like Florida). You can install a water treatment system in your home for that rainwater to make sure it’s extra clean for use in these applications.
  • Washing vehicles: Rather than running a hose from an outdoor tap to your vehicle, why not use water you’ve already collected in your rain barrels? You won’t even need to treat the rainwater for this application.

Looking for more ideas of ways you can use the rainwater you’ve collected in your rain barrel in Pensacola, FL? We encourage you to contact the experts at Gutter Master today and we’ll be pleased to provide you with plenty more examples of the different ways you can make safe and efficient use of your collected water.

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