Choosing the Right Gutters for Your Business

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How often do you think about the rain gutters on your commercial property? If you are like most of us, you only think about them when something goes wrong. However, this likely means the rainwater is dangerously accumulating where it shouldn’t. Your gutters serve two very important purposes. They protect your property by channeling rainwater away from the foundations of the structure. Gutters also can improve the appearance of your building. With these two goals in mind for gutter installation in Pensacola, FL, let’s visit the choices you can make in evaluating rain gutters.


You can select rain gutters made of metal, plastic or wood. Metal, which is the most common type of gutter, can be made from copper, aluminum or galvanized steel. Your most expensive option is to use copper rain gutters. This is the choice that is both the most beautiful and solidly durable. Many commercial property owners prefer aluminum gutters because they can last a very long time, are resistant to rust and can be shaped to fit the building on-site with the proper tools. It is more affordable than copper. The cheapest metal option is the galvanized steel rain gutter. While very affordable, galvanized steel deteriorates much quicker than copper or aluminum, and is not rustproof.

Another option would be a plastic rain gutter. Unlike metal, plastic doesn’t corrode. Plastic is affordable and low maintenance. However, it is rarely used on commercial properties because it isn’t very attractive, and it is typically sold in parts for residential use.

Wood rain gutters, while costly and difficult to maintain, look absolutely elegant. If you use cedar, redwood or pine, these gutters can last a long time—up to 20 years. The drawback is that they will take a lot of extra care and cleaning to keep them looking beautiful.

Seamed vs. Seamless

You can purchase sectioned gutters for your commercial property, but it is not recommended. Seamed gutters will often leak in the joints where they connect. This can cause water damage to areas of your building. It is recommended that you have a professional rain gutter installation company install a seamless rain gutter.

Flat Bottom Style vs. Half-Round Style

Just as seamless gutters are highly recommended, so are half-round gutters. Half-round gutters will drain water more effectively than flat bottom gutters. Stagnant water can build in flat-bottomed gutters, which could cause mosquitoes to breed or lead to harmful leaks. It should be noted that, with proper maintenance, this water stagnation can be avoided.

If your architecture is more contemporary, the flat bottom gutters such as K-style, square or angular will look more suited to the style. For a traditional architectural style, a half round style will be more suitable.

Choosing the Right Gutter Installation in Pensacola, FL

The most important choice you can make is in which professional you will hire for gutter installation in Pensacola, FL. Gutter Master can help you choose the perfect rain gutter system for your business. Let our professionals do the hard work and ensure you get the best protection against Florida’s heavy rains. We have been family owned and operated since 1990 and know the industry better than anyone. Give us a call today to discuss how to best protect your property and improve its aesthetics.

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