Pros and Cons of Underground Downspouts in Pensacola, FL

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Take a look around at your property after a heavy Florida rain. Are there pools of standing water attracting insects? Do torrents of water seem to erode away your carefully planned garden? There is a way to protect your property from the harmful effects of standing water and soil erosion. In taking an in-depth look at underground downspouts in Pensacola, FL, it can be determined whether these fixtures may be a solution for the water problems on your property.

What Are Underground Downspouts?

Rain gutters on the edge of a roofline empty into downspouts placed in the corner of a structure. These downspouts typically empty in a way that channels water away from the foundation of the structure. Often an extender is placed on the downspout to channel the water onto a concrete slab, which sends the water onto a slope that carries the water away from the house or structure.

In contrast, an underground downspout channels the water from the roofline all the way down the side of the structure and through a system of underground drains in Pensacola, FL that move the water away from the structure.

Foundation Protection

The greatest benefit to an underground downspout, when designed well, is that it will carry the water far, far away from the foundation of the structure. This will prevent leaks in the foundation and crawlspace. Without an underground downspout, water will pool up next to a foundation. Pooled water finds a way to seep in, which destroys the foundation’s structural integrity.

Better Health

Another important benefit to the underground downspout is better health for you and your family. Water that is allowed to pool around the structure will seep into the foundation. This excess moisture will lead to mold and mildew. That can cause significant health problems, such as allergies and asthma. Another type of mold that can develop is black mold.

Standing water on your property also becomes a haven for mosquitoes and other harmful insects. These insects can not only be irritable, but also spread disease. By channeling this excess water away from the property, the area is kept safe and dry.

Eliminate Erosion

Another pro is that by channeling the water underground, valuable topsoil will not be eroded away. Often after a heavy rain, the downspout will deposit a river of rushing water, pushing the soil away from the structure on all sides. Storm after storm, this is a lot of lost topsoil that will need to be replaced in order to rescue a flower bed or simply replant the grass.

Cost Considerations

Some would regard the additional cost of a well-designed underground downspout system as a con. Without a doubt, an underground downspout in Pensacola, FL is more expensive than a traditional downspout that empties aboveground. However, the added value to the property, the protections to the structure’s foundation and the improvements to your family’s health must be factored in to the cost consideration.

Installing Underground Downspouts in Pensacola, FL

After examining the pros and cons of underground downspouts, you may decide that you need to learn more. Why not talk to the professionals? Gutter Master is your trusted provider of rain protection solutions. We understand how to protect your property in Florida’s heavy rains. We have been family owned and operated since 1990. Give us a call today to discuss how underground downspouts can benefit your property!

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