Tips for Choosing the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

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You know gutters are important, but have you ever thought about what colors your gutters should be? A big part of seamless gutter installation in Pensacola, FL is choosing the right color. Keep reading to pick up a few tips on how you can get the best color for your home.

Do you have any color restrictions?

Before you start shopping around for different colored gutters, you should check with your homeowners association to ensure that there aren’t any regulations regarding colors for gutters. Many neighborhoods want all of the houses to look similar, which means they don’t want anyone bucking the trend by installing flashy gutters. If your community does have restrictions, that’s okay—we’ll help you find gutters that are to your liking without breaking the rules.

Are your gutters visible?

Can you even see your gutters when you look up at your roof from your curb? If not, you might not even want to worry about their color. After all, if nobody can see them, go with the cheapest color and call it a day.

What materials are your gutters?

Some materials, like copper gutters, aren’t supposed to be painted. The striking copper color is enough to make your home stand out and look beautiful all on its own. Additionally, those copper gutters will eventually turn green, which will really set your home apart from those of all of your neighbors!

Do you want to stand out?

Assuming you don’t have any HOA restrictions to take into account, you might want to consider standing out from all the other homes in your area by installing vibrantly colored gutters. Brilliant red, blue, or even yellow gutters are sure to make your home “pop” and be the talk of your neighborhood. Just be sure that you really like the color, since uninstalling and then reinstalling gutters can get pretty expensive.

What color is your roof?

If you’re not in the group mentioned above, you probably want your gutters to blend seamlessly with your roof. So, if you have an asphalt shingle roof, for example, go for a dark colored gutter. In addition to thinking about your roof color, you might also want to consider the color of your siding and trim. If you’d like to have a uniform look across the exterior of your home, choose a gutter color that most closely matches your roof, siding and trim.

What’s your budget?

Finally, you should definitely keep your budget in mind before you start shopping for gutters. At the end of the day, their functionality is what really matters. If money is a little tight, you’re much better off just choosing gutters that will do a good job of preventing roof and foundation damage rather than more expensive gutters that have a fun color.

If you’re ready for seamless gutter installation in Pensacola, FL, be sure to get in touch with Gutter Master! We’re experts in installing gutters for homes of all shapes and sizes. We can even help you choose the perfect color if you’re having trouble deciding on one.

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