Best Rain Gutter Accessories to Upgrade Your Home

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It could be sprinkling or pouring down rain, raining all day or just off and on—whatever amount of moisture Mother Nature might send down on you, it’s good practice to be prepared with a functioning gutter and downspout system to mitigate the effects of rainwater. Perhaps your gutter system is good to go. If this is the case, though, maybe your gutters could benefit from some add-ons, like a rain chain, downspout brackets, downspout covers or a rain barrel in Pensacola, FL. Below are a few of the best rain gutter accessories to upgrade your home.

Downspout strainer

Fallen leaves, twigs, pine needles, seed pods and other tree debris can clog gutters, especially if gutter guards are not in place. Perhaps the most irritating issue with leaves is how quickly they can build up and clog the insides of downspouts. A simple solution is to install strainers on downspouts. These cylindrical or bulb-shaped attachments fit into the openings at the tops of downspouts. You could also invest in a wedge-shaped downspout screen, which is designed at an angle to catch debris on all sides of the screen and sits at the top of the downspout.

Downspout extension

Rainwater haunts the roofline and the insides of gutters, and it’s up to the downspouts to relocate all that water away from your house. What if, instead of flowing outward from your foundation, water tends to pool near downspout exits? Try adding a downspout extension! Extensions typically look like tube accordions, and can either slip over the downspout’s opening above-ground or be trenched below the surface. A huge benefit when using above-ground extensions is having the ability to change the direction in which the water is carried.

Splash blocks

Once water makes its way through the downspout, it still has to go somewhere, preferably away from your house. This is where splash blocks come into play. An accessory similar to downspout extensions, splash blocks are rectangular pieces of plastic, concrete or a compost material that slips under the exit opening at the bottom of downspouts. They are a simple, low-cost rain gutter accessory designed to move the water farther away and prevent soil erosion. You can select a size to best deal with the amount of rainfall in your area—choose a narrow block for light rain or a wider one to handle heavy rain runoff.

Rain barrel

Gutter downspout extensions and splash blocks are put in place to channel rain runoff away from your home’s foundation and landscaping, but some of that water can be saved for other uses. This is where rain barrels might enter the picture. The purpose of a rain barrel in Pensacola, FL is to collect rainwater, rather than allowing it to flow into drains or saturate your property. Take this container and attach it to your roof water mitigation system to catch and store water runoff for use in the garden later in the season.

Is it time to install new gutters? Do you like the idea of using a rain barrel in Pensacola, FL? Reach out to Gutter Master for friendly service and a wide selection of gutter products!

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