DIY on Your Mind? Here’s Why You Should Hire a Professional Gutter Contractor in Pensacola, FL Instead

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Your rain gutters are one of the most important features of your home. They are in place to move rainwater off of your roof and far away from your foundation to prevent problems like flooding and water damage. But to do their job, they must be installed properly. Here are some good reasons why you should hire a professional gutter contractor in Pensacola, FL instead of doing this job yourself:

  • Safety: Rain gutter replacement may look easy, but removing and installing gutters on a home can be dangerous for homeowners. The job requires standing on tall ladders while carrying and balancing heavy equipment, tools and materials. If you aren’t a skilled gutter installation professional, falling off the ladder and suffering serious injuries is a very real possibility. For safety’s sake, consider hiring experienced gutter installers instead.
  • Skills and knowledge: With little to no experience installing rain gutters, you run the risk of injuring yourself. You might even fail to choose the right gutters for your home. But an experienced installer knows exactly what to do when they’re up on that ladder. They will inspect your roof and assess your existing gutter system, all the while taking note of problems like loose shingles, rotting eaves and water damage to the home. These issues and others may go unnoticed by a DIY-er, but a professional can diagnose repair needs right away.
  • Perfect pitch: Look at your roof and you will notice that it slopes off to the sides. Without this specific construction, rainwater and leaves will have a difficult time sliding off. This same principle applies to gutters. In order for rain gutters to do their job properly, they need to slope gradually; otherwise, water will accumulate inside. Achieving the perfect pitch requires exact calculations and using a leveler across the entire installation area. Needless to say, this takes a lot of training and practice.
  • Proper support: Professional gutter installers know the right way to attach brackets to your new rain gutters. Brackets are components that keep the gutters attached to your house, but they must be installed correctly. The pros know that bracket quantity and spacing needs depends on the gutter’s size and weight. They also know that a lack of proper support will cause your new gutters to sag or fall off your house.
  • Save money: Unlike some other DIY home improvement projects, DIY gutter installation is not always less expensive than professional installation. For starters, gutter materials—including downspouts, brackets, strainers and sections of gutters—sold at home improvement stores are pricy for homeowners. Keep in mind that the pros have access to wholesale prices, and reputable companies will pass the savings on to their customers.
  • Save time: Rain gutter installation is time consuming. If you don’t have the time, expertise or patience to spend your week installing gutters, you are much better off hiring a professional with the skills and knowledge to complete the job quickly.

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