How Do Gutters Work, and Why are They Important?

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Gutters are likely one of the most overlooked components of your home. It’s easy to forget that they’re even there! Without them, however, your house’s roof, structure and foundation would all be at risk of serious potential water damage. It’s important to ensure that you have gutters that are functioning correctly to maintain the integrity of your abode. Keeping the rain in Pensacola, FL, off your roof should be a top priority.

To properly maintain and care for your gutters, however, you have to understand how they work in the first place. Gutters in Pensacola, FL, use the pitch of your home’s roof to slough water off and away from the roofing. Then, they use a spout to deposit the water in a safe space, away from your home’s foundation. This prevents water damage from impacting the roof, the structure or the very stability of your living space.

Here are just some of the reasons it’s important to maintain well-cared for, fully operational gutters on your home:

  • Stop soil erosion: One of the primary reasons that you should have high-quality gutters on your home is that they can prevent soil erosion, which may eventually damage your home’s foundation. Gutters divert water to a safe surface, which can help eliminate the adverse impacts of erosion and help you keep your home in premier condition.
  • Keeps siding stain-free: It’s common for the siding on homes without working gutters in Pensacola, FL, to be covered in stains. These stains are unattractive. In addition, excessive exposure to water could be causing permanent damage to your home. Investing in gutter care and installation can help you keep your siding looking great.
  • Prevents roof mold: The growth of mold and algae on your roof isn’t just unattractive – it’s also dangerous. Both mold and algae growth can erode the integrity of the shingles on your home and could potentially lead to the roof developing holes or other issues.
  • Increases curb appeal: Most modern gutter systems are attractive and can be bought in colors that complement your home’s existing paint job. Investing in the care, maintenance and eventual replacement of your gutters can showcase how much you care about your home and dramatically increase its curb appeal when it comes time to put the home back on the market.
  • Keep the basement dry: If your home has a basement, clogged or non-functioning gutters could cause significant water damage. If the water is falling directly from the roof to the ground, it may infiltrate the windows and cause rot around the window frames or mold growth on the glass panes.

Since 1990, Gutter Master has been a trusted provider of gutters in Pensacola, FL. We work with our residential clients to provide them with high-quality, dependable gutters and gutter services. We’re capable of installing new gutters, performing gutter repair and maintaining existing gutter systems, in addition to gutter cleaning. It’s important to stay on top of gutter cleaning and maintenance needs, so as to stave off the need for gutter repair in the future. The next time you see the forecast calling for rain in Pensacola, FL, call Gutter Master!

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