Gutter and Downspout Runoff Tips

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Gutters play a vitally important role in protecting your home’s roof, foundation and overall structure from water damage. Without high-quality and well-maintained gutters, you could experience roof leaks, foundation erosion and structural rot.

However, not everyone is familiar with the best way to care for the gutters on their home. While gutters are able to largely support themselves, it’s still important for homeowners to regularly invest in cleaning, maintenance, repair and more. Failure to care for your gutters could lead to a reduction in your home value, as well as potentially cause more serious problems with your property.

If you’re struggling to deal with your home’s water runoff in Pensacola, FL, you should reach out to a gutter care expert. They can assist you with developing a workable solution to care for your home’s runoff conveyance system.

Here are just some of the things that you can do to keep your gutters in prime working order, and keep runoff in Pensacola, FL away from your home’s foundation, landscaping and roof:

  • Clean gutters: You should plan to have your gutters professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Investing in a gutter cleaning service will allow you to ensure that rainwater is able to successfully drain away from your roof and home. Without clean gutters, there’s a chance that blockages could prevent your gutters from draining, leading to pooling on the roof.
  • Repair downspouts: Check your gutter system’s downspouts regularly. Look for potential leaks or breaks in the joints. If you find any problematic spots, call your local gutter repair company to come and fix them as soon as possible. These issues could prevent your gutters from directing runoff to your targeted areas.
  • Change impermeable surfaces: If your gutter downspouts lead out to an impermeable surface, like a concrete driveway, consider replacing it with a semi-permeable surface, like concrete pavers. This will prevent all of your runoff in Pensacola, FL from accumulating in one area.
  • Route runoff into a dry well: Your gutter system should always route runoff in Pensacola, FL into a dry well or French drain. This is a sunken area filled with rocks and gravel designed to safely whisk water away into a ditch or sewer.
  • Secure sagging gutters: If the gutters on your home look like they’re sagging or aren’t properly secured to the side of your building, you should reach out for gutter repair. The last thing you want is for your gutters to fall or fail during a large storm because they can’t support the weight of the water traveling through them.

Since 1990, Gutter Master has been a premier provider of gutter care and maintenance in the greater Pensacola, FL region. We’re proud to support our clients as they strive to adequately remove rainwater and runoff in Pensacola, FL from their homes. Gutter Master is committed to maintaining and protecting our clients’ home values. To learn more about ways that we can help you care for your gutter and maintain the integrity of your roof, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.

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