Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel House Gutters in Pensacola, FL

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If you’re going to be putting new gutters on your home, you might be wondering what material is best to use. Two of the most common options are aluminum and stainless steel, each of which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of each of these common types of house gutters in Pensacola, FL.

Aluminum gutters

In terms of advantages for aluminum gutters, perhaps the biggest is its relatively low price point, especially when compared to stainless steel. It is an affordable option for homeowners on a budget (which, let’s be real, is most homeowners).

Aluminum is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to work with. Installation using lightweight materials becomes much less labor intensive. The workability that results from its light weight also makes it easier to customize them for the specific elements of construction you need.

Finally, you can find aluminum gutters in many different colors. Aluminum for gutters comes covered in an enamel that is designed to protect the metal against the elements that might otherwise cause it to start rusting. That enamel can be customized to the color of your choice, so you can select gutters that will complement both the color of your roof and the color of your siding.

Of course, there are some disadvantages associated with aluminum. While it does stand up pretty well to the elements over time, you will need to occasionally reapply the enamel to make sure you’re giving the gutters the best possible rust protection. A failure to do so could result in your needing to replace the gutters earlier than you might prefer. In addition, aluminum isn’t as tough as some other metals and other materials. It can be dented by hail and ice, and could also be damaged by ladders.

Stainless steel gutters

Stainless steel, unlike aluminum and many other metal materials, will retain a high level of gloss and shine for many years after installation, especially if you periodically clean it. These gutters are also more durable than other types of metal. They won’t warp or crack from heat exposure, while aluminum can suffer from some thermal damage. This means you can trust stainless steel to hold up to exposure to some of the harshest environmental conditions you’ll find in the United States.

The rust resistance of stainless steel is even stronger than that of aluminum. Stainless steel has a very unique chemical composition that can help protect it against rusting.

In terms of disadvantages, stainless steel is harder to work with than aluminum because it is much heavier. This means the job should be left to the pros, rather than attempted by homeowners. It is also significantly more expensive than aluminum, sometimes two or three times as much. Considering the two materials have a pretty similar longevity, some homeowners might find stainless steel to not be worth the extra expense based on its expected lifespan alone.

For more information and considerations to keep in mind when purchasing new house gutters in Pensacola, FL, contact the team at Gutter Master today.

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