Why Annual Gutter Cleaning in Pensacola, FL Is So Important

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Your gutters are responsible for channeling rainwater away from your home to prevent damage to your foundation and reduce the risk of flooding around your property. Well-maintained gutters will work effectively for years, but gutters that aren’t cared for properly or cleaned out on a regular basis can develop all kinds of problems that can lead to serious issues for your home. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure you have clean gutters in Pensacola, FL.

Problems with dirty gutters

There are several issues that can come up as a result of neglecting gutter cleaning and maintenance, including:

  • Basement flooding: Basement flooding is one of the primary issues associated with poor gutter maintenance. If your gutters are too full of debris to channel water away from your home, they will overflow and cause water to pool around your foundation. This can lead to flooding that causes extensive damage to your basement, which is difficult and costly to repair.
  • Foundation damage: Another significant concern when it comes to dirty gutters is the threat of damage to your foundation. Pooling water can disrupt the stability of the soil around your home and seep into the area around your foundation. Erosion can cause foundations to sink or shift. During the winter months, standing water around your home can seep into your foundation, expand in freezing temperatures and cause foundation cracks to form.
  • Pest infestations: Accumulated leaves, branches and other debris attract pests like rodents, birds and insects to your gutters. Once pests have begun nesting in your gutters, it can be difficult to remove them. They can damage your gutters and, in many cases, they will begin moving into your home and causing damage there.
  • Water damage: Even though your home’s exterior is designed to be resistant to rain, snow and outdoor humidity, it’s susceptible to damage from excessive exposure to water. Overflowing gutters can cause serious issues for your home’s exterior, including water damage to your siding, your roof and your home’s overall structure.
  • Moss and mold development: Clean gutters allow water to flow freely, and this inhibits the growth of moss, mold and mildew, all of which can damage your roof. Clogged gutters tend to have high volumes of standing water, which encourages this growth in the gutters as well as on your roof and your siding. In addition to being unattractive, these issues accelerate wear and tear on your home’s exterior.

Clean gutters in Pensacola, FL

To keep your gutters in the best condition possible for years to come, call to schedule professional gutter maintenance service with Gutter Master. We can come to your home and provide you with thorough gutter cleaning to remove leaves, branches, nests and any other debris. We recommend this service at least once a year to ensure buildup doesn’t have too much time to get out of control. In addition, we can inspect your gutters for damage and weaknesses that require repairs. Give us a call today to find out more about all of the gutter services we offer and to schedule an appointment with our expert professionals.

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