Five Little Known Benefits of Using a Rain Chain

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Most people have traditional gutters and downspouts on their homes or businesses, and likely never give the devices a second thought. After all, if they’re working, why mess with them? While we certainly understand that sentiment, there are downspout ideas in Pensacola, FL that can give your home a bit more flair while also giving you benefits you might not have originally pictured. They can help keep your home and your foundation free of water in some surprising ways, while also making a wonderful conversation piece that your guests and family will love.

A rain chain is one such popular option that’s been around for quite a while—basically it’s a sequence of objects or cups strung together vertically at the end of a gutter. Rather than water flowing down a downspout, it instead flows and cascades down a beautifully-made chain. Rain chains are quickly becoming more popular here in Florida, and it’s not difficult to see why:

  • Helps to avoid clogged downspouts: A rain chain bypasses the need for normal downspouts, which can quickly become clogged with leaves and other debris. It can be a real challenge to empty out and clean a downspout, and you can avoid this altogether by using a rain chain that has no “opening”—water just flows down along the chain rather than through an enclosed area that can easily clog.
  • Protect your home from water: Downspouts and rain chains are both effective at getting water away from your roof, so most downspout ideas in Pensacola, FL are going to perform these functions well. When a downspout gets clogged, though, it can defeat the entire purpose—a rain chain does not have this problem.
  • Going green: A rain chain is an environmentally-friendly alternative for many homeowners in Florida because it offers options that a downspout might not. A rain chain gives you the chance to put in something like a rain barrel, which gathers your rainwater rather than diverting it to sewers, where it’s simply wasted (at least as far as you’re personally concerned). A rain barrel gives you the chance to use this water for watering around your yard, ensuring that none of this precious resource goes unused.
  • Easy to install: Putting up a rain chain couldn’t be easier—you simply detach the downspout and hang up the chain by a little hook. This ease of installation speaks to how sleek and classic a design rain chains have—they have a timeless beauty and simplicity to them that is really appealing to many homeowners, and they could be just the right thing for your own yard.
  • Complete your look: Rain chains are just flat-out beautiful to look at, and they can really boost the landscaping and overall aesthetic of your home and property. Downspout ideas in Pensacola, FL don’t have to just be about function—they can also incorporate form.

If you’ve been looking to make a change to your gutters and downspouts and are looking for a green alternative that is also a design piece unto itself, then it’s time to talk to the pros at Gutter Master about what rain chains can do for you and your home.

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