How to Check Your Home’s Gutters for Signs of Storm Damage

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Let’s face it—nobody enjoys cleaning their gutters. It’s challenging, dirty work that’s easy for most homeowners to overlook. You mow the lawn and trim your trees, but how much attention are you paying to your gutters? If you’re not regularly cleaning and inspecting your gutters, your home could be at risk. If it’s been a while since you last had your gutters cleaned, you may want to contact the best gutter contractors in Pensacola, FL. Here’s why.

Gutters are there for a reason

You don’t have to be an architect to understand the basic premise of a gutter. When rain falls in Florida, it first lands on the roof of your home before flowing down and into your gutters. From there, the gutters direct this rainwater into a downspout and out into your yard, ideally far away from your foundation.

When your gutters are clogged, that falling rainwater can end up in places where you don’t want it. Clogs can prevent rainwater from escaping your gutters, which allows this tepid water to pool for days at a time. There, it can attract bugs and other unwanted critters. Pooling water can also put excessive weight on your gutters, which can cause them to come undone from the fascia on your home.

When left neglected for too long, pooling water in your gutters can back up onto your roof and cause serious water damage, including ruined shingles and leaks. Fortunately, all of these problems are easily preventable if you take a few steps after each storm.

Clean the gutters

At least twice a year, you should enlist the best gutter contractors in Pensacola, FL to thoroughly clean out your gutters. After each major storm in the area, you should also take a few moments to check your gutters for excess debris that could disrupt the smooth flow of rainwater. When a pro comes to inspect your gutters, they should make a point of cleaning the downspouts, as well.

Pay attention to your joints

One of the first places that can sprout leaks after a severe storm is the various points where your gutters connect to one another or to your downspout. After each storm, make sure to do a cursory check of your gutter’s joints to ensure that everything is still leak free.

Keep your gutters straight

Over time, your gutters will end up bending and flexing as a result of constant exposure to the elements. From time to time, it’s a good idea to make sure that, when water enters your gutters, it can follow the path it’s supposed to follow.

Work with the pros

Don’t take chances on your gutters. Come to the best gutter contractors in Pensacola, FL. For 30 years, Gutter Master has specialized in the installation, maintenance and repair of gutters and downspouts. We’re here to pay close attention to the function and quality of one of the most important features on the outside of your home. When your gutters need expert care, make it Gutter Master—contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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