Are Seamless Gutters Better Than Sectional Gutters?

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Seamless gutter machines produce a product that is reliable and customized to your home or business, but many Pensacola, FL homeowners often consider sectional gutters because they seem less expensive and often come in DIY kits. However, you will be happier with seamless gutters in the long run. Here are six ways seamless gutters are better than sectional gutters:

  • No joint weakness: Sectional gutters have one major flaw: the joints. These areas are where sections connect, and if you do not install them correctly, they will leak or fail. Joints also hold in moisture, which allows them to rust more quickly, and after a bad run of nature‚Äôs elements, your home will no longer have effective gutters. Since seamless gutters are all one piece and do not have joints, you do not face this weakness.
  • Durability: Even if you secure joints correctly, they remain a vulnerability. Several connected pieces are never as strong as one large single-cut piece. Your gutters will stand up to our typical Florida storms, and you will not experience leaks. Unless we face a severe storm, you are unlikely to find failed gutters.
  • Less maintenance: Since seamless gutters stay attached and do not rust, you also face less maintenance. Sectional gutters leak, accumulate water, clog and sag, eventually leading to their replacement. With seamless gutters, you do not have to replace joints or address sections that fail. Basically, keep them clean, and they will serve you for years. If you want to reduce maintenance even less, add leaf guards to prevent clogs and keep water flowing off your roof.
  • Money savings: You will likely pay more for a seamless gutter system than for a sectional one. We cut gutters on-site, and that adds to their installation time. There is no DIY option if you decide on seamless gutters. But purchasing them is an investment. Your only ongoing maintenance cost is hiring gutter cleaners if you choose to go that route, but you will not be shelling out for repairs, rust removal or replacement as frequently as you would with sectional gutters. Many of our customers who choose seamless gutters find the initial price well worth it over the long run.
  • Options: We cut seamless gutters to any shape and length needed. The gutters accommodate typical square buildings, but also more challenging structures that are round or embellished. You are never forcing sections to fit. Customers can choose among 15 available colors, ensuring these gutters fit and match your home. The result is a functional system that also happens to be attractive!
  • Lower chance of installation errors: Sectional gutters frequently fail because their quality and installation fall short. Since there is no DIY option for seamless gutters, you use an experienced contractor who stands behind their work. Reputable companies offer warranties and are willing to address mistakes. Of course, if you choose your contractor well, there is a good chance that will never be an issue!

Let Gutter Master and our seamless gutter machines help you better manage our torrential rains in Pensacola, FL. We customize and install seamless gutters that fit your home well and look great too. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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