How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

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You probably schedule an oil change for your vehicle every three months or so. You should have your teeth cleaned twice each year. Now, what about those gutters? How often do they need attention? Since gutter cleaning is an important part of property maintenance, it’s crucial to get this right. Use the following FAQ to schedule your gutter cleaning in Pensacola, FL.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

The main motivation for gutter cleaning is to protect your property from damage. Clogged gutters can cause damage to the roof and other exterior structures, which eventually lead to damage on the interior as well.

Clogged gutters also encourage pest infestation. In colder weather, they also lead to freezing, which can also cause damage. Lastly, but also important, clean gutters improve the appearance of your property. This enhanced curb appeal helps maintain your property’s market value.

How often should I complete gutter cleaning?

Now that you understand the importance of this home maintenance task, the next step is to get it done. How often should you do it? Typically, you should plan to clean your gutters in Pensacola, FL twice each year. Of course, this frequency may need to increase depending on certain factors. We’ll look at those next.

What factors should I consider as I schedule my gutter cleaning?

In some situations, you may need to clean your gutters more often than twice per year. If you have pine trees or other foliage near your home that create a lot of debris and buildup in the gutters, you may want to consider cleaning the gutters once every three months (once per season).

Another important factor is the weather. Heavy rains can take their toll on gutter systems. High winds combined with significant precipitation may cause gutters to clog more quickly than they would in fair weather. If you experience a lot of storms, you may want to clean your gutters more frequently. Another good rule of thumb is to simply check your gutters after any significant rainfall to make sure they are working properly and have no damage.

How do I complete gutter cleaning?

When it’s time to tackle your gutter cleaning in Pensacola, FL, start by gathering the essentials. You’ll need a ladder, gloves, a dust mask, a garbage bag and a hose with a high-pressure attachment. Start by removing any large items by hand, then use the hose to flush out any remaining debris. Always approach the gutters from a ladder below. Do not attempt to climb around on the roof and clean the gutters from above.

Who should I call for backup?

Not sure you want to tackle this task alone? No problem. Whether you’re too busy or prefer not to climb that ladder, Gutter Master is here to assist you. Contact our experienced team today for a complete analysis of your current gutter system. Schedule your next cleaning now to avoid unnecessary repairs in the future. Reach our experts at 850-944-7000 to learn more and get on our schedule.

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