Home Preparations for Fall

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There’s a lot more that goes into fall preparation besides decorating for Halloween and turning off the air conditioner. It’s important to provide your home with fall gutter maintenance, roof repairs and much more.

Fall officially began on September 22, but there’s still plenty of time to properly prepare your home for the cooler weather. Here’s how:

  • Don’t leave your summer gear outside: It’s usually best to bring in your outdoor furniture during the fall. The higher winds and heavier rainstorms of fall can easily damage or blow away your outdoor furniture. If you don’t have room for it inside, consider building an outdoor storage unit, like a shed. A good tarp could also help protect your outdoor furniture during storms.
  • Keep heating costs down: Since you’ll likely start turning on your heater in the fall, it’s important to check for any drafts. Drafts could occur from improper sealing on doors and windows, and they can easily cause major heat loss. Heat loss will cause your heater to work harder, resulting in higher energy bills.
  • Clean your air filters: Most recommend changing your air filters around once a month. This is especially important to do before fall starts. Cleaning your air filters near the start of fall will help prevent summer allergens from reentering your air supply. These allergens could include pollen, dust and much more. Changing your air filters on time can also help prevent your heater from wasting energy.
  • Maintain your trees: Trees and other plants often grow a lot during the summer. If your tree’s limbs have become a bit unruly, it’s best to trim them. Overgrown tree limbs can break off during heavy storms and cause major damage to your home. If you’re inexperienced in tree maintenance, be sure to contact an expert instead of trying to trim your tree on your own.
  • Check your gutters for damage: Your gutters do a lot of work throughout the year, so they’ve likely experienced some damage. You don’t want your gutters to break during the height of fall, which is why it’s good to have an expert come check for any problems. If you’ve noticed cracks, dents or any other issues with your gutters, it’s best to contact a professional right away.
  • Clean your gutters: Since it rains a lot during the fall, you’ll want to be sure that your gutters are clear. Gutters filled with leaves and other debris can’t do their job effectively. Without properly-working gutters, water could pool on your roof or near your home. This often results in major water damage and flooding.
  • Replace or repair damaged shingles: Shingles help protect your roof against extreme weather. One damaged or missing shingle could allow moisture to seep into your attic, thus causing major water damage. Roof damage could also allow heat to escape during the cooler months. That’s why it’s important to have any missing shingles replaced right away.

Get started on your home preparations for fall today. If you need help with fall gutter maintenance, be sure to contact the experts at Gutter Master.

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