How Frequently Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

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It’s probably not any homeowner’s favorite task. Gutter cleaning is a very unpopular chore and is usually designated to an unwilling teenager if one is available—but there is no question that it must be done. The question is: How frequently should you clean your gutters?

Like the answer to many questions in life, it depends. If you’re wondering how often should you clean your gutters, consider the following factors:

  • Gutter conditions: What kind of shape are your gutters in right now? Are they new? Are they old and worn? Older gutters will probably require more frequent cleanings, since they probably will not perform as effectively and are more likely to get clogged.
  • Gutter guards: Do your gutters feature a good gutter protection system? If you have gutter screens or guards in place, these will help keep your gutters clear and they should require less frequent cleanings. (For more information about installing gutter guards, contact the pros at Gutter Master.)
  • Trees and foliage: What kind of foliage do you have near your home? Are there pine trees that drop an abundance of needles on your roof? Is your yard filled with tall oaks that shed thousands of leaves each fall? The more foliage you have near your roofline, the more frequently you will need to clean your gutters.
  • Weather conditions: How much rain have your gutters seen this season? Have you experienced a lot of snowfall? Severe storms? Keep these weather conditions in mind as you determine how often you should clean your gutters. Extreme weather conditions can take a toll on gutters, and they may require more frequent cleanings.

How often should you clean your gutters?

Typically, you should plan to clean your gutters once or twice a year. As you weigh the factors above, you may need to increase or decrease this frequency. For example, if you have a lot of pine trees, you should consider cleaning your gutters once every quarter. If you have a good gutter protection system in place, you may only need to clean your gutters once every one to two years.

When to clean gutters

If you plan to clean your gutters twice each year, do this task in the spring and in the early fall. Winter and fall are usually the seasons that are hardest on gutters, so it’s good to clean them before each of these seasons hits.

Signs you need to clean your gutters

In addition to planned cleanings, watch for red flags that indicate your gutters need to be cleaned. If they are overflowing, clean them. If you see any signs of leaking, clean your gutters. If the water does now flow easily from the downspouts, it is time to clean your gutters.

Have more questions?

Bring your toughest questions to Gutter Master. We’ve been serving satisfied customers since 1990. We specialize in gutter cleaning, installation and maintenance. We can answer any questions you have or take on this unpopular chore for you. Reach us today at 850-944-7000 with any questions or to schedule your next service.

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