Installing Gutters in Wintertime

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While it’s usually best to install gutters in spring, not everyone has that option. Maybe you moved to a new home without gutters in the middle of winter. Maybe you discovered your gutters need replacing just as the cooler temperatures hit. Either way, it’s important to install gutters before it snows or rains.

Do you find yourself wondering, “Can I have gutters installed in winter?” Not only can you, but you should.

Read on for more information on installing gutters in wintertime.

Why shouldn’t I put off installing gutters?

As mentioned above, spring is the ideal time to install new gutters. The weather is usually perfect, and many gutter installation services offer discounts in spring. That said, you should never put off installing or repairing gutters when necessary.

Gutters perform the necessary job of draining water from your roof and diverting it away from your home. Without gutters, water can start to pool on your roof and eventually leak into your home. This is especially a problem during winter, as standing water could result in ice dams.

Ice dams form at the end of your roof when water has nowhere to drain. These dams prevent melted water from draining off the side of your roof, which may allow it to leak into your home—and these leaks could result in major water damage and the growth of mold.

Things to consider when installing gutters in wintertime

While you can have gutters installed in winter, it’s best to wait for the right conditions. For example, it’s usually best to avoid trying to install gutters after a snowstorm. Snow and ice on the roof and ground will make it extremely difficult and dangerous to install gutters. It’s best to wait until after all the snow has melted and the ground has dried.

Work with a professional

It’s especially important to have your new gutters installed by a professional in wintertime. Installing gutters any time of the year can be dangerous. You have to scale tall ladders and sometimes climb onto your own roof. You don’t want to risk your own safety just to save a few bucks.

Working with a gutter professional will also ensure your gutters get installed correctly the first time. It’s easy to make a mistake when you have little to no experience installing gutters, and even the smallest mistake can affect the efficiency of your gutters.

Working with a gutter professional will help save you time and energy.

Taking care of your gutters in winter

No matter what time of year it is, be sure to provide your gutters with proper maintenance. In winter, this means routinely cleaning your gutters and checking for leaks. Performing simple maintenance on your gutters will ensure they work efficiently all season long.

Let us install your gutters

Now that you know you can have your new gutters installed during the winter, let the experts at Gutter Master install them for you. Contact us today for a quick estimate on your service needs.

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