Know Your Gutter Guards: What Type of Gutter Guard Is Suited for Your Home

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Gutter guards are not something most people spend a lot of time thinking about until they are forced to because problems arise. When that happens, many people find themselves in a spot where they must act quickly to salvage the situation with their gutters. What types of gutter guards are there to help with these problems? You may need to learn a little about what these guards are, how they respond to different situations, and which ones you should get. Here at Gutter Master in Pensacola, FL, we provide those answers to our customers. 

Types of Gutter Guards Available

There are two general styles of gutter guards that you will see in many places of business. These are gutter guard screens and gutter guard helmets. Both serve a specific and important purpose, and both can be used on a home. Most will choose to go with the gutter screens because they are often less pricey than the gutter guard helmets. This is because they are made of mesh wiring and still allow water to flow normally through the gutter as it typically would. These screens are great because they catch debris that would otherwise fall right into your gutter. 

Gutter helmets are your other option for gutter guards, and they will ensure that rainwater doesn’t even get in your gutters. This is a plus for some people, but there are potential drawbacks if there is too much runoff in one particular area. Keep an eye on this if you decide to use gutter helmets. 

Pricing of These Options

Exact figures are not available because many variables go into what one receives when they get a gutter guard or a gutter helmet. It is best to check up on these facts and figures with the specific company that you decide to do business with because you do not want to be quoted something incorrectly. That said, here is a ballpark figure for the types of gutter guards available:

  • $4.50 to $5.50 per linear foot for gutter screens
  • $30 per linear foot for gutter helmets

These represent major pricing differences, and that is why all homeowners are asked to carefully think through what they need to do before moving forward. The more expensive option could be right for your home, but don’t assume that is the case until you have examined all of your options. 


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