Perks of Having a Rain Barrel

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There is only a finite amount of water on our planet. Every day it is recycled from lakes, rivers and oceans and comes down in our yards in the form of rain. This rain is rich in nutrients that help the plants grow and the world around us flourish. While tap water is fine for watering plants, rainwater is best. A rain barrel is a great option if you are looking to save on money and really give your plants the best water there is.

Advantages of Having a Rain Barrel

There are plenty of benefits of having a rain barrel, and the first is the savings. Though water is not terribly expensive in terms of what it takes to water a plant you may have in a pot on your porch, we live in a day and age where costs are always rising. Saving any amount of money is a great benefit that can really help make for larger savings over time.

A rain barrel works quite simply. The barrel is often at the side of a home, near a gutter or downspout. The barrel often has a hose or tube connected to the downspout and to the barrel. When it rains, some water coming out of the spout will be diverted to the rain barrel, where it will be stored for later use. This water is great if you have plants on a porch or in the yard, for instance, that might not be close to a spigot or where a watering hose can reach.

Rain barrels provide free water that is rich in nutrients that help plants grow to their full potential, and they also make it easier to water those plants that might not be close to any easy to access water source.

What Type of Rain Barrel Is Best?

There are tons of options when it comes to rain barrels, from the practical barrel that has little embellishment to barrel kits that are downright beautiful. If you are thinking of getting a rain barrel, you need to consider a few things. First, what do you want it to look like? Are you happy with a simple barrel that looks like what it is, or do you prefer a decorative barrel? Second, are you able to make the rain barrel yourself, or do you need a kit that helps make the process of set up and use far easier?

Lastly, what size rain barrel do you need? Tons of different sizes work well for larger homes, small spaces, and so much more. There are many great rain barrel kits and parts that you can purchase to make your rain barrel dreams a reality and get some great results. Rain barrels are a great way to save money, give nutritious water to plants, and make watering hard-to-reach plants a bit easier.

If you are thinking of a rain barrel, check out your options today!

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