Common Gutter Issues

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It isn’t always fun to clean your gutters. Many put this task aside, not knowing the type of damage it can cause. If you run into issues and want to know how to fix common gutter problems, read on to learn more. Gutters have the main duty of collecting the runoff water from your roof and carrying it away from the foundation. However, gutters constantly battle against various elements to keep that channel free of sags, leaks, and holes.

Gutter Issues

There are several types of gutter issues that you may run into. Every issue has its own potential cause but can all be easily fixed if caught in time.

Sagging Gutters

If you notice a dip in the line of your gutters, this means that water is being invited to stay there and prevents proper drainage into the ground. This can put additional stress on that section of the gutter and may result in your hardware failing. This can lead to more sagging or even a total collapse of the affected gutter section.

The best solution to this problem is to rehang this section of the gutter using better hardware so it doesn’t cause more damage. However, if your gutters are severely sagging to the point they are detaching from each other, it may be time to call in the professionals to replace your gutter system.

Gutter Hanger Replacement

The way to fix sagging rain gutters is relatively easy and quick. All you need to do is tighten the screws that are already in place. You could add a few extra screws as well to help strengthen the gutter system and prevent the need for repairs in the future. This task takes about 10 minutes if you have access to the right tools.

Leaking Gutters

If your home has been damaged by storms, you may notice missing shingles or broken glass. You should also observe your gutters to check for leaks. If you choose to ignore this issue, your gutter can erode the underlying support foundation over time. It may not be easy to spot this problem on a clear sunny day. This is why it is imperative you check for gutter damage immediately following a storm to make sure that the water is draining correctly.

Once your gutter has begun to corrode and you begin to notice tears and holes, you will want to reach out to an expert about your replacement options.

Gutter Hole Repair

Once you have figured out where the leak in your gutter is coming from, it is simple to fix it. If this hole is small enough, you can use a small amount of plastic roofing cement which can be applied using a putty knife. For holes that are larger in size, you can cut a strip of flashing to cover the hole and secure it using the same application of cement that you used to fix your leak. All you are going to need is a ladder, putty knife, flashing scraps, and plastic roofing cement.

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