How To Install Gutters Yourself

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Having a home with no gutters can introduce a wealth of problems. For one, rain could enter your basement or crawl space. Secondly, it could hit the ground, bounce onto your siding, and affect its integrity. Therefore, you might be considering installing gutters yourself because of a limited budget. Here’s some information about that and whether it’s possible to do it yourself. 

Is It Hard To Install Gutters Yourself?

Doing anything new will always be challenging, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to, and you can do it quite well. You can use a variety of resources to gather the guidance you need to install gutters into your home. 

What Are the Steps for a DIY Gutter Installment?

These are some quick steps for doing a DIY gutter: 

Decide Which Type of Gutter You Want

The first step is to decide what type of gutter you would like to install. Below, you can view the different gutter types and how long they will last. You’ll need to order the gutter from the supplier and have them deliver it to your home in one piece. 

Create a Reference Line for the House

You will need to grab a ladder and a straight object to create a reference line for your gutter. You must ensure that your gutter placement isn’t too high to prevent ice blocks from dislodging it in the winter.  

Measure the Gutter Length

Measure your roof from end to end so you’ll know how much of the gutter piece to cut off with a saw. 

Install the Endcaps

Next, you’ll need to attach the endcaps to the gutter with a caulking agent. Use a hammer and a crimping tool to secure the endcaps to the gutter. 

Cut the Gutter With a Hacksaw

Cut the gutter with a hacksaw to customize the size to fit your roof. 

Cut a Hole for an Outlet

Cut an outlet hole into the gutter with a chisel and then run a bead of sealant around the underside of the outlet. Screw the outlet into the gutter to secure it. 

Place and Hang the Gutter

The last step is to get on a ladder and install your gutter. You can attach your downspout and additional accessories when you’re done. 

How Long Will Newly Installed Gutters Last?

If installed properly, aluminum gutters can last you about 25 years. Vinyl gutters are a lot less expensive and probably easier to install, and they can last about 20 years. If you go with wood gutters, you might have difficulty installing them, and they won’t last nearly as long. Some of them look fantastic but are prone to rotting as soon as the water hits them. 

Zinc gutters are the most long-lasting types to install, and they can last you about 50 years, which will probably be the duration of your stay in your home. You’ll have to spend more on zinc gutters, but reducing the gutter replacement down to a one-time process might be worth it. 

Consider the types of products you can use and the instructions for gutter replacement, and then decide if you want to tackle it alone. You can also get in touch with a home improvement specialist, a handy contractor friend, or a professional who can help you execute your plan. More importantly, move quickly and get your gutters up before the water has a chance to damage your property. 

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