Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Gutters

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Are you wondering how often should gutters be replaced? You can keep an eye out for potential warning signs that may indicate it is time to have your gutters cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Gutters serve an important role in your home. They carry water away from the exterior walls in your home, windows, doors, and foundation. Gutters also prevent water from traveling inside of your home.

Warning Signs That Indicate Gutter Replacement

Here are several signs that gutters need to be replaced.

Splits or Cracks

Small cracks may not seem like a big issue in your gutters. However, these small cracks will eventually get bigger, and it can happen pretty quickly. If you allow any crack to remain without water, water can cause further damage to your gutters and damage the fascia boards behind your gutters, including the shingles and foundation.

Paint Peeling

If you notice paint peeling on or around your gutters in addition to orange flecks, this is a sign of rust and that water is present on a continuous basis. The paint on your gutter is designed to withstand normal wear and tear throughout the seasons. Unless you have really old gutters, these things can indicate a problem. It can signal that the gutter is not properly removing water or that damage such as cracks is present.

Signs of Mildew Around Foundation

Gutters are created by being able to keep water freely flowing away from the foundation of your home. If you begin seeing pools of mildew or water near your home’s foundation, it can signal that your gutters are not properly working. This may be caused by something as simple as a clog or as big as a gutter system defect. Water can easily lead to foundation damage, which can cost you a lot of money in repairs.

Water Marks or Water Damage

You should always have your gutters inspected annually, but it should be done on a sunny day free of rain. Water marks or damage under your gutter can indicate that overflowing or leaking water is escaping your gutter. This type of issue can cause damage to your fascia and soffit board.

Sagging Gutters

If your gutters have started to sag or pull away, this is one of the easiest ways to determine if your gutters need to be repaired or replaced. You don’t have to be on a ladder to notice this issue. Sagging gutters can mean that your gutters are full of water or, due to the weight, they have begun to pull away from your home. Sagging gutters can also mean high costs to have them repaired. A full gutter simply means that your gutter system may not be right for your home, blockage from debris is present, or it is not draining properly.

Gutters are your home’s first line of defense against mother nature. They serve an important purpose to redirect the rain in your drainage system so that your property looks as good as it was when it was first built.

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