5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Gutters Clean

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Cleaning your gutters is probably the last thing on your to-do list. The thought of cleaning out debris, such as leaves and branches, may not sound exciting. However, keeping your gutters clean is important to maintaining your home. Dirty rain gutters and gutters that are clogged can end up creating more issues that can be costly if you need to have repairs completed.

Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

If you want to keep leaves out of gutters and keep your gutters well-maintained, here are some methods you can follow to help.

Ask for Help

Have a friend or someone who lives in the home to assist you. Having assistance makes this project much easier. You can have your helper keep the ladder balanced and even hand you the equipment you need while cleaning up.

Install Guards

Guards and covers can easily be installed on your gutters. The guards help keep leaves and other debris from going into the gutters. There are a variety of gutter guards you can choose from on the market. They are not expensive and can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

Keep a Timetable

You should aim to clean your gutters out twice every year. You can schedule cleaning before the fall approaches and shortly after it ends. If your home has many trees around it, you may want to aim for at least four times each year, since more trees mean more leaves in your gutters. It may be helpful for you to keep up with a schedule on a calendar or on your phone.

Pressure Wash Gutter

If you own a pressure washer, it can become your best friend when cleaning your gutters. Remember not to use too much power on your pressure washer settings to prevent damage. Pressure washing your gutters can eliminate any debris buildup.

Use a Leaf Blower

Believe it or not, leaf blowers can also be a handy tool used to clean your gutters, especially if you have a large buildup of leaves. If you don’t already own a leaf blower, there are blowers on the market specifically designed to clean out the gutters. They also include various extensions to make the job easier.

Use a Vacuum

You don’t have to go into your room to grab your household vacuum. There are kits available for purchase that are equipped to clean your gutters out. You want to try and find one that can pull out the leaves or just blast them out.

Purchase Necessary Equipment

It is essential that you have all the required equipment and tools to clean out your gutters if you are going to be the one doing it. This is the best way to ensure you remain safe and you don’t cause any damage to your gutters in the process.

Inspect your Gutters Regularly

The best way to maintain your gutters is to inspect them throughout the year. Following the end of each season, do a quick inspection to make sure there is nothing loose or broken.

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