How Leaf Guards Can Protect Your Gutters

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Leaf guards can benefit your home in many ways. Gutters are designed to transport water from your home. But leaf guard gutters can do it in a more powerful way. They can transport the water away from your home and eliminate debris and leaves so your gutters never clog. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of leaf guards if you are looking to keep leafs out of gutter.

Benefits of Leaf Guards

If you are wondering how to keep gutters clean, consider having a leaf guard installed. Here are some of the many ways it can protect your gutter.


Leaf guards are extremely durable and sturdier than many of the other systems available on the market today. These gutters can hold up to 32 inches of rain each hour. Also, Leaf Guard gutters are designed from aluminum, which is sturdier than other gutters and bigger. The durability and size of Leaf Guard gutters mean that your home will be protected even from some of the most severe weather.

Will Never Clog

Leaf Guard gutters can guarantee to never clog. This means that fir and pine needles, leaves, and any other debris that tend to get stuck in gutters will never make their way again. Many people injure themselves every year by attempting to clear the debris from their gutters. But, with leaf guard gutters, you can install them and forget ever having to get back on your ladder to clean them.

No More Damage to Your Home

The majority of the damage that homes endure has to do with water. When gutters get clogged, it can lead to water damage to the roof of your home as well as the foundation, siding, and fascia. Clogged gutters can also damage your landscaping. Since leaf guards guarantee clog-free gutters, you will no longer have to worry about even the possibility of water damage to your home.

Many of the other gutter systems on the market today contain seams that put your home at risk for leaks, sagging, and rusting. Leaf Guard gutters do not contain seams or gaps that allow water to enter.

Can Be Personalized

Another huge benefit of Leaf Guard gutters is that they can be customized to match the size of your home. This means that a professional will come out and take the actual measurements of your home. The installation will then be completed in just one day. Your current gutters will then be disposed of.

The good news is that Leaf Guard gutters can be installed on various types of roofs without any additional installation or covers.

High Quality

Finally, Leaf Guard gutters are of high quality. They have been recognized as the most trusted protection for gutters. They have been tested time and time again for their quality and have proven themselves to be true.


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