The History of Rain Gutters

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Rain gutters are a common sight on the exterior of homes. Gutters direct rainwater away from your roof and are essential for keeping your home safe from the damage water collection can cause. Rain gutters in Pensacola are a key part of most homes as the area gets a healthy amount of rain every year. However, not every home has rain gutters, and some have old rain gutters that need replacing.

The answer to when do I need rain gutters is when your old gutters are damaged or no longer drain water as well as they used to. You may also need gutters if your home does not have any as not every residence has gutters installed when it is first built or old gutters have been removed and not yet replaced. Rain gutters have a long history and have been a part of human civilization for thousands of years.

The History of Rain Gutters

The earliest rain gutters can be traced back to some of the earliest human civilizations. Rain gutters have been discovered to have been used by the Indus Valley Civilization dating back to the period between 3,000 BCE and 1,500 BCE. These early gutters were drains covered in clay bricks that had been burnt. The technology continued to improve during Roman times when they created roadway drainage systems by constructing their roads with higher middles allowing rainwater to drain away into gutters. This particular type of road construction came to England in 47 CE.

The Middle Ages

During the time frame between the 10th and 13th centuries, the Norman Empire saw many improvements to gutters and how they were used. Under the Norman rule, gutters began to be integrated into building construction. The stone roofs of the time made use of parapets and gargoyles to drain water. Under King Henry III downspouts were used in the expansion of the Tower of London’s gutter system. Under King Henry VIII gutter use began to spread across the country.

The 1700s

In the 1700s gutters began to resemble their modern counterparts more. The use of metal, v-cut wood, and zinc became common. During the industrial revolution, gutters became a mass-produced product that people were now seeing as a way to protect their homes.

The Twentieth Century

In the 20th century, steel gutters became prolific with aluminum replacing them in the 1960s due to steel shortages and the advantages of aluminum offered as a lightweight strong material. Plastic also came into use during this period. By the 1980s, seamless gutters had become the most popular type of gutter system, and gutter covers were introduced during this period as well.

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