How To Stop Your Gutters From Clogging

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Rain gutters are very important to collect rainfall and other precipitation that lands on your home’s rooftop and send it away from the structure. Effective rain gutters are one of the best defenses against flooded basements and homes.

Unfortunately, clogged gutters do not enable the water to collect and flow away from your home’s foundation. Leaves, twigs, and other debris effectively dam the gutters and cause water to overflow and land near the foundation, steps, and entryways.

When your gutters arent draining, the following suggestions could help restore the flow.

Maintain the Gutters

Regular maintenance will help to ensure your gutters are clear and flowing freely when it rains and snows. You should get out the ladder, a pair of gloves, and a leaf blower to clean out the gutters – especially in the spring and fall.

You can use gloves to remove twigs, leaves, and assorted debris that stubbornly clings to the gutters. A leaf blower is especially useful at blowing leaves and small twigs out of the gutters each fall, while the spring cleaning can remove any debris deposited by snow and wintertime rain.

Install Gutter Screens and Guards

Gutter screens and guards can prevent leaves, twigs, and debris from collecting in the gutters. Water still flows through, though, and will exit the gutter spouts and away from your home.

You will need to remove any leaves and other debris that might cling to the gutter screens and guards. A leaf blower will make quick work of it. You also might have to repair minor dents and dings caused by any hailstones and possibly ice dams during the winter.

Trim Nearby Trees

You might have one or more trees with branches that hang over the rooftop or near it. Trimming back the branches can help to reduce the number of leaves and twigs that blow onto the roof and could wind up in the gutters each fall. Trimming your trees also could prevent heavy branches from breaking off and damaging the gutters in a wind or an ice storm.

Install a Leaf Catcher

A leaf catcher is a great tool for catching leaves that otherwise might wind up in the gutter. Leaf catchers are mounted at the bottom of downpipes and catch any leaves that fall into the gutter and wash down toward the ground.

You can remove the leaves caught by the catcher with your hands without having to climb a ladder. A leaf catcher in combination with leaf guards and screens is especially effective at preventing clogged gutters.

Find Solutions for Clearing Your Gutters

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