What To Do When Your Gutters Start Leaking

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Think back to the last rainy day that you had at home. Have you ever noticed an odd water flow coming from your gutters? Chances are, there is a problem in one or more areas of your gutter system. It can be stressful and harmful to your home to see evidence of something wrong with your gutters.

Many people ignore the issue until it becomes too late, then a costly repair could be imminent. Taking care of your leaking gutters now before they get any worse is always the advisable move. Here are some things to consider when talking to gutter companies about the repair and maintenance of your home’s gutter system.

1. Start By Cleaning Your Gutters Out

When gutters become full of leaves, small branches, and other natural debris, it can cause problems. When the blockages become severe enough, they can cause water to overflow over the sides of the gutters, spilling water toward your home and causing water damage. 

For gutters to work properly, they need to be free and clear of debris and possible blockages. While you can get out the old ladder and do it yourself, it can also be beneficial and safer to hire a reputable gutter company to come out and clear the debris. They also will be able to check your gutters for holes and areas that need reinforcing.

2. Have a Gutter Company Clean and Inspect Your Gutter System

If you decide that getting on a ladder and walking on your roof isn’t for you, it’s advisable to hire a reputable gutter company to come to do the job. While they’re there, they can inspect and address any area of your gutter system that might be in need of repairs. Gutters definitely are susceptible to having smaller holes and leaks in them. 

Leaking water that doesn’t have the ability to run down the gutter system and down the downspouts, landing away from the home, can cause water damage to your home’s siding. It’s imperative that repairs are done before the leaking water can damage your home. This can be far more costly than gutter repair costs. 

3. Consider Investing in New Gutters

Some homes have old, deteriorating gutters on them. There may be far too many holes to repair, or the hardware attaching the gutters to the home may be too worn to properly keep your gutters in place. At some point, a gutter replacement makes more sense.

New gutters made from more durable, better materials along with solid brand-new hardware will ensure that you won’t have a major malfunction during the next winter or rainy season. 

When There’s a Leak, Make a Call

It’s always better to get the opinion of a specialist before it’s too late. Contact your favorite local gutter company at the first sign of trouble. They will help you preserve your home’s condition from water.


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