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10 Supplies Needed for Gutter Cleaning

February 18, 2020 1:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts

To prevent property damage and preserve the overall appearance of their homes, homeowners must clean out their gutters each fall and spring. But, before you get up on the roof and start cleaning, you’ll need to pick up a few things from the hardware store. You’ll need the following gutter supplies in Pensacola, FL to get those gutters nice and clean: Ladder: The first thing you’ll need is a ladder to get up on your roof. Be sure that your ladder is sturdy and properly balanced to prevent any falls. If possible, we recommend keeping both feet and one hand... View Article

Good Reasons to Install Gutter Guards

February 4, 2020 1:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Gutters play a huge role in keeping your roof and foundation free from damage. Unfortunately, they can get clogged up really easily with leaves, twigs and other debris. The best way to prevent any buildup is by installing gutter guards. Continue reading to learn a few of the top reasons to protect your gutters with gutter guards in Pensacola, FL: Save time cleaning: Cleaning out your gutters each spring and fall may not be the worst chore on your to-do list, but it does take a good chunk of time to complete. Instead of spending your Saturday afternoon cleaning your... View Article

Gutter Cleaning Tips for Greater Safety at Your Home

February 1, 2020 3:10 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t love cleaning out your gutters. It is a task that needs to be done a couple times a year, but one most people would probably be perfectly happy to skip altogether. Nevertheless, it is a necessary task to ensure your gutters remain in good condition and to prevent water from spilling out and damaging the foundation surrounding your home and garage. If you’re going to clean out your gutters, you may as well do it properly and safely. With this in mind, here are a few tips for cleaning your gutters in... View Article

The Benefits of Using Seamless Gutters at Your House

January 18, 2020 3:10 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’ve recently decided to install new gutters on your home, you should know the decisions won’t end there—there are a variety of types of gutters you can choose from, including the decision of whether you’ll purchase seamless or seamed gutters. Seamed gutters, also referred to as “sectional gutters,” are made by joining smaller sections of gutter together at the seams. Seamless gutters, however, are constructed with a special machine and come in one piece. They will get attached to the home with the only joints being at the corners of the exterior. In most cases, contractors will create seamless... View Article

What Is a Rain Chain, and Should You Use One on Your Home?

December 20, 2019 6:12 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you own or live in a house, then you’re probably familiar with rain gutters and downspouts. They are important parts of your home’s water mitigation system, as they work continuously during the rainy season to move water safely away from the foundation. But downspouts are not one of the most attractive features of your property. This is where rain chains come in—a rain chain does the same thing as a downspout, except that it’s both beautiful and functional. These decorative chains are available for purchase in a wide range of unique styles, colors and shapes, but how do you... View Article